Specializing in Developing the Elite Horseback Shooting Dog and Premier Hunting Companion.

Summerhill Kennels are located in Glenville, Pennsylvania, approximately 60 minutes north of Baltimore, Maryland. Our winter headquarters are located in Hurtsboro, Alabama, approximately 45 minutes southwest of Columbus, Georgia. We specialize in training the elite horseback shooting dog as well as the premier gundog used for great hunting adventures. Here is a list of a few dogs in our field trial string; 2015 National Open Shooting Dog Champion, Erin's War Creek, 2014 National Open Shooting Dog Champion, Awsum Counrty Girl; 2013 National Open Shooting Dog Champion, High Drive Rocky; 2012 National Open Shooting Dog Champion, Sugarknoll Snow Warning; 2013 National Open Shooting Dog Invitational Champion and 2012-2013 & 2013-2014 Purina Top Open Shooting Dog, Great River Ice; 2014 New England Futurity Winner, Fast and Furious; 2012 New England Futurity Winner, Enhancement Southern Belle, just to mention a few.



CH Sugarknoll Warpaint wins 2014-2015 Purina top open shooting dog award

Hot Off The Press: For recent field trial results, select Summerhill's 2012-2013 Winners Circle or 2013-2014 Winners Circle or 2014-2015 Winners Circle or 2015-2016 Winners Circle to view these placements.

March 5, 2017: George Tracy wins Alabama Shooting Dog Championship with Sugarknoll Warpaint and RU CH with Erin's War Creek. FOR MORE NEWS SELECT HERE.


Tested and Proven: Summerhill Kennels prides itself on the premise that dedication, determination, and perseverance will prosper positive results when administered on continual basis. Thus resulting in Summerhill being awarded 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 National Open Shooting Dog Championship titles. In addition, Summerhill was presented the Open Shooting Dog Handler of the Year a record twenty-two (22) times and have piloted eight (8) dogs to win the Open Shooting Dog of the Year awards. Success in not given, it is earned. Success starts at Summerhill.

calico's thrillogy

2016-2017 Field Trial Schedule: We have just released our 2015-2016 Field Trial Schedule.  Please note the schedule is tentative, therefore dates and locations are subject to change without prior notice.  Our intent is to provide advance awareness of trial locations for this season.  Please contact Summerhill Kennels at (717) 235-4466 for up to date information.

great river ice Is THE all-time shooting dog record HOLDER with 20 championships


George Tracy Wins 2015 National Open Shooting Dog Championship, An Impressive 4th Year in a Row: Erin's War Creek; Creeping up on his 7th birthday this powerful bird finding machine bested a field of 51 with a 5 find, 2 back performance with a strong front running race for ninety minutes. Handled by Hall of Famer, George Tracy winning his 4th National Open Shooting Dog Championship in a row, and a 2nd National Open Shooting Dog Championship for owner Allen Linder in the past 3 years.